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The Plague of Push Button Marketing.

Its really easy to put a Facebook Like button on a website or on print marketing. In fact it has become a de facto standard to put social media icons on everything. But what does this really do for the consumer or the brand?
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Exit Stage Left: Gil Scott-Heron.

We often underestimate the influence that poetry has had on American culture. With Gil Scott-Heron’s passing it is an opportunity to be cognizant of the influence that poetry has had on the American culture during the later half of the 20th century.

Ginsberg, Kerouac, and the Beat Poets began to blur the lines between poetry and music in the 50’s. The Beat generation set the stage for those to come later including Gil Scott-Heron, the Last Poets, Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel, et al. The cause and effect of poetic and musical influences is an interesting trail to follow.
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Business Advice from The Matrix.

There’s a difference between knowing the

path and walking the path.

– Morpheus, The Matrix

This quote always comes to mind when I am faced with a tough business decision. It reminds me not to succumb to analysis paralysis or get bogged down by the emotions of the decision. Until you make the decision you will never truly have knowledge. It is only by walking the path that you can ever gain knowledge.

The Right Marketing Mix for Shifting Consumer Paradigms.

The 4p’s of marketing, product, price, place, and promotion must be augmented with the new tools and perspectives because consumer paradigms have shifted and we must account for them in the digital age.

  • Place – is now about Search Engines and Discoverability
  • Promotion – is now about Social Influence and Social Engagement
  • Product – is now about the Experience it creates for the consumer
  • Price – is about Design; where functionality and utility win over cost

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Introducing Thunderdolt from Apple.

Apple announced it was adding Thunderbolt to the MacBook Pro line in February of this year, but we have yet to see a single product on the market that can work with the Thunderbolt port. The apple consumer gets Thunderbolt before we get Blu-rayα or USB 3.0, at least one of these feels like a miss. Not only that, now the Mini DisplayPort that Apple provided me has already become obsolete.
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A Reason to Blog.

He who understands everything about

his subject cannot write it.

I write as much to discover as to explain.”

-Arthur Miller

On Being Android Curious.

I have to admit last year I got a bit bi-mobile OS-curious. I was drawn in by the siren call of Android. The quintessential moment came when Apple rejected the Google Voice app . I loved using Google Voice as a key part of my mobile experience. When it became clear that Apple’s rejection of the Google Voice app was going to stick, I felt my first true pain of a closed Apple app approval system.
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The Missing App Store: A vision for cloud computing.

Missing App StoreWith the proliferation of App stores as of late, I can’t help but think that the one app store that would be truly revolutionary is still a distant dream. What I am yearning for is an app store for my personal server. If there was an app store for a server platform, it could have tremendous implications for the way we think about web apps and the cloud. It could also have significant implications for privacy, copyright, and business models. Let’s delve into what this vision could look like and explore some of the implications. …Continue Reading