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An Oasis in the Apple Store.

Apple Store Knox Street

I have been visiting the same Apple Store for over a decade. I have seen it go through one renovation, a temporary location, and a major expansion. I remember the special moments of awe and wonder when I played with my first Macbook, iPod, iMac, iPhone, and iPad. The experience of the Apple Store always had an additive effect to the magic of the devices themselves. I have been a part of the “hero’s parade” as Apple Store employees applauded me down the center aisle of the store as I purchased the latest release of OS X. I have seen a Apple employee stand on top of a table in the middle of the Apple Store and engage the whole store in applauding a soon to be college student for getting accepted to the University of Texas and buying her first Mac.

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Nest Thermostat Energy Savings Review and Analysis.

Nest iPhone Energy History

There are many reviews of the Nest Learning Thermostat but they have primarily focused on installation, features, and user experience. Putting all features of Nest aside if the Nest does not live up to the promise of saving energy none of its features or “gadget-y coolness” matter in the end. To truly review the Nest I have analyzed my energy usage during the first three months of having the Nest installed. …Continue Reading

Buzz Word Debrief: Innovation vs. Invention.

In use since the 16th century innovation has become one of the biggest buzz words in business during the last decade crescendoing into a deafening noise. Over used and over hyped, the word innovation itself has lost meaning. One of the most important unintended consequences is a lack of focus and understanding of the word invention vs. innovation.
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The Brand Doth Protest Too Much...

If you have to say your brand or product is revolutionary, visionary, or inspiring it probably isn’t. If you find yourself writing copy with the words of what you want to be or think you are, face it you aren’t that. If you are innovative your brand experience should exude it in a self-evident way. If your brand is inspiring, then I should feel inspired not read ‘inspiring’. Let’s refer to this as Eminem Marketing from now on. Stop writing it and start being it.

Cause I am whatever you say I am if I

wasn’t, then why would I say I am?

– Eminem, The Way I am

TedTalk Classics – Show me the Data.

Hans Rosling shows us the power of data visualization. Rosling makes data feel accesible and uses it to tell a story in a way that is inspiring while debunking common myths, but more than anything else it is his passion that sucks you in. Be sure to visit and check out the new desktop version of Gapminder that is available.
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The Plague of Push Button Marketing.

Its really easy to put a Facebook Like button on a website or on print marketing. In fact it has become a de facto standard to put social media icons on everything. But what does this really do for the consumer or the brand?
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Business Advice from The Matrix.

There’s a difference between knowing the

path and walking the path.

– Morpheus, The Matrix

This quote always comes to mind when I am faced with a tough business decision. It reminds me not to succumb to analysis paralysis or get bogged down by the emotions of the decision. Until you make the decision you will never truly have knowledge. It is only by walking the path that you can ever gain knowledge.

The Right Marketing Mix for Shifting Consumer Paradigms.

The 4p’s of marketing, product, price, place, and promotion must be augmented with the new tools and perspectives because consumer paradigms have shifted and we must account for them in the digital age.

  • Place – is now about Search Engines and Discoverability
  • Promotion – is now about Social Influence and Social Engagement
  • Product – is now about the Experience it creates for the consumer
  • Price – is about Design; where functionality and utility win over cost

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